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Although evaporative towers are often considered by tanneries as a simple optional for vacuum dryers, its presence is essential for good drying of the leather.

Given the large water consumption of the tanning industry, it is important that, in a vacuum dryer, the cold water circuit is closed. This, however, would lead to excessive heating of the water concerned, lowering the quality of the drying.
For this reason a properly dimensioned cooling tower is essential to serve a Vacuum Dryer.

To deal professionally with this issue Mec Man supplies evaporative towers of various brands, materials, sizes and shapes. As our custom, however, we do not limit ourselves to the supply of the product, but we also deal with the maintenance, spare parts and plumbing necessary for the start up and operation of these machines.

Considering that the position of the cooling tower greatly influences its performance (ventilation at the chosen location, sun exposure), we extend our technical consulting service to this part of the vacuum drying system as well.


In this device, the cold water from the vacuum is released over honeycomb exchange parcels that break the jet. The fan creates forced ventilation that, by evaporation, lowers the water temperature.

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