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GreenMec is the innovative leather dryer by Mec Man.
This new plant is called “framing” because once the hides have been tensioned with special toggle clips and on special frames, they slide from the outside into a drying chamber (called tunnel) and dried by new generation pellet hot air generetor, with a saving of 40% compared to a normal heating system. The frames is composed of micro-perforated metal tilting surface to facilitate the hooking of the hides on both sides.
But the peculiarity of this patent was in dividing the single microperforated panel into 6 distinct parts, which expand to allow you to stretch the hides evenly, increasing the volume of 8% compared to the standard.


GreenMec was created with the aim of satisfying the tanning market and its continuous research to innovate both quantitatively and above all qualitatively. The aim was not only to reduce production costs but also to reduce the excess of polluting waste released into the environment, monitoring and valuing raw materials that are fundamental for our global system and in particular water. This new way of thinking (hence the name GREEN), has directed us towards a system of energy recovery, ignored until a few years ago, but now increasingly requested. The new system, which is becoming increasingly active in the continuous search for environmental protection, is also outlining the way in the tanning sector. The objective and the continuous research, are addressed to a productive change, exploiting more and more the new technologies, and their use, increasing the efficiency and consequently decreasing the harmful effects on the environment. All this, however, does not go to damage the company balance sheets of companies that use them, far from these new systems will allow entrepreneurs to compete despite the crisis that the sector is going through. To this end, Mec Man has thought and capitalized a lot in research and development, with the aim of creating a machine for drying leather completely innovative compared to our classic and timeless vacuum dryers. A true mix of technology and twenty years of experience in the tanning sector.

There are several main features that allow the new machine to reach to the requirements of an ethical, clean and truly productive system:

1- 6-way expansion: Traditionally, frames have been used to expand skins with two-point traction. This new type of frame, develops an expansion in six different points of the skin, being able to ensure more footwork and a more effective enhancement of the entire surface of the skin. This new generation of frame allows a Mec Man’s customer to increase each leather by 8% compared to standard toggling machine.


2- Drying by pellet hot air generetor: This special pellet hot air generator is designed for large systems where reliability and total automation are required. Thanks to the modulating system and total shutdown, this pellet hot air only works when needed and adapts to the heat demand, reducing costs and eliminating fuel waste. Another aspect (not at all irrelevant/fundamental) is the possibility to assemble it on site so as to make it accessible to any environment without additional costs of demolition and reconstruction of the perimeter walls.


3- The length of the drying tunnel is increased and it is covered with polyurethane is panel: The length of the drying oven is increased and the cladding with special double metal cladding panels (wide range of colours) with male-female interlocking polyurethane insulation, maintain a drying temperature of around 40 degrees (against the current 70/75).


4- Ventilation systems: The powerful ventilation and dehumidification system ensures that the environment inside the oven, combined with its longer length and insulation, brings the drying temperature to a much lower temperature, significantly reducing consumption, emissions and waste, this ensuring better productivity with a lower impact both from an economic and environmental point of view.


5- The number and shape of the drying mesh: The mesh where the hides are placed have been designed with a distance (15/20 cm from each other) as to allow the inflow of air reintroduced and fired by the fans, ensuring effective circulation.


6- The number and positioning of the ventilation fans: The drying tunnel has two low consumption fans every two metres on each side. These fans have been designed with a particular inclination of the blades in order to take advantage of the significant improvement in the recirculation of hot air during the working process.


7- The condensation duct: The condensation duct is an innovative system for recovering hot air (humidity), which is sucked out from inside the tunnel through a exaustor, then reheated with out pellet hot air generator and reintroduced into the tunnel, creating a continuous cycle and allowing significant energy savings.


8- The stainless steel structure: The stainless steel structure allows the processing of vegetable-tanned leathers, which cannot come into contact with ferrous materials, this avoiding unwanted reactions with the fibres.


9- Expansion of the frame is outside the tunnel: The expansion of the frame, placed outside, avoids the fall of the toggle clips inside the tunnel solving the problematic recovery as well as the temporary stop of the drying cycle.


GreenMec, on request, is supplied with special platforms complete with parapets and stairs entirely hot-dip galvanized.

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