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Ice Vacuum

The Low temperature Ice Vacuum Generation System is an extremely innovative product in many respects, created by the experience and passion of the Mec Man team for the vacuum drying world. Supplied in standard configuration along with the Mec Giant vacuum dryer, the Ice Vacuum can be installed as an upgrade to improve the efficiency of other vacuum dryers.
The only dual turbo system in the market, results in full and uniform drying of leather at temperatures of 36°- 40° C.



This vacuum generation system bases its operation on a liquid ring water pump. This technology, extremely simple and reliable, eliminates the need to use oil, and the circuits and heat exchanger connected to it.
Its high suction capacity (2500 M³ / h) allows it to easily operate two vacuum dryers, greatly reducing space needed, electrical consumption and maintenance costs. Special focus on energy consumption during design has allowed the voltage to be limited to 33 Kw. The Ice Vacuum consumes an average consumption of 16 Kw / h in working conditions. The extremely compact dimensions (2200 x 1100 x 2200h mm) make it easy to install in tannery, making it easy to use as a technology upgrade. The Ice Vacuum can be placed up to 50 m away from the vacuum dryer, allowing it to be positioned outside the room where the vacuum is located. Fully lined with soundproof carters, it helps to make working conditions better. The stainless steel cover provides a long lasting aesthetic value.


In the IceVacuum system instead of mineral oil the liquid ring pump (main pump) uses water coming directly from the cooling tower or other cooling system.

We’re talking about a Travaini pump, so entirely made in Italy, which reaches 1000 m3/h flow limiting the consumption of electricity to just 16 KW.
This arrangement results in many advantages compared to the traditional oil without affecting in any way the performance level.
Among the advantages just think of the fact that being no necessary in the heat exchanger plates, also the maintenance that it behaved fails. The oil used in this type of applications, also, is to be constantly in contact with the vapors of drying and therefore must necessarily be replaced on a frequent basis.



In our Twin Turbo system, liquid ring pump is coupled to two blowers in order to reach a capacity up to 2500 m3/h. This value is twice respect standard turbo vacuum or any dry pump system.

As feed liquid, cold water coming directly from the cooling tower or other cooling system is used. This reduces maintenance costs and avoids oil replacement.
Moreover, the TwinTurbo system gives the possibility of excluding one or both blowers, allowing to work only with the main pump or with a single turbo system

The synergy between the two pumps lowers the boiling point of water so that the leather is cool to the touch when dry.


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