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Plants Dismantling

Sometimes, after years of honored service and millions of dried hides, vacuum dryers need to be reconditioned or dismantled. In any case, it is necessary to remove them from where they are. Mec Man technicians have all the necessary experience to uninstall vacuum drying plants and make them ready for transport.


MecMan has all the competences necessary to plan and realize the pipings necessay to run a leather drying plant. This gives the possibility to offer turn-key solutions, removing the necessity to interact with several suppliers. This makes our installations extremely fast, a key ability in the tannery business.


During the years Mec Man has become perfectly able to plan and provide detailed functional layouts of vacuum drying plants, pictured in the buildings that will receive them. This helps our customer use their locations in the best possible way, increasing the productivity of their plants up to 30%.


In the field of professional washing of tannery plants we are present in many ways, always with technologies and products specific to the leather world. The Robot-Jet is an orthogonal arm system that is attached to the vacuum cleaner. It is equipped with three rotating percussion nozzles, which spray a high pressure jet of hot water and detergent. This eliminates the need for disassembling the mesh frames, halving the cleaning times of the tables.


Sometimes our customers have leather processing systems, vacuum dryers and staking machines, which suffer drops of productivity, but whose conditions are still too good to make replacement necessary. In these cases, they are withdrawn from the tanneries to be reconditioned in Mec Man.


In Italy, or anywhere else in the world, Mec Man answers with timeliness and competence to any assistance request for vacuum dryers of any brand and model. Maintenance consists in everything concerning maintenance of vacuum dryers and staking machines. This involves replacing parts under use and consumption, such as meshes, PVC carpets and perimetral seals. In more some cases it is necessary to modify or rebuild structural parts of the machine.