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  • Tables are made of 6mm thick AISI304 INOX STEEL
  • The height of the chamber where hot water is flowing is 4.5 cm, consisting of walls of 1 cm
  • The use of these thicknesses has allowed us to obtain results on the leather unimaginable by today.
    The leather is much more uniform while maintaining its natural properties.
  • To realize the 8.6 mt vacuum dryer it was necessary to completely overturn the design of the structure that supports the work tables.
    We realized a structure built to balance robustness and flexibility, in order to achieve smooth and harmonious movement.
  • The dedicated vacuum breaking chamber avoids condensation problems on the table.
  • The hot water shut-off valves are in AISI304 INOX STEEL
  • All pipes forming the hot water circuit are in AISI304 INOX STEEL
  • Condenser cups are in AISI304 INOX STEEL
  • Condenser are increased to 64 pipes