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Mec Man renews its corporate image

Our history began in 2003 and our first company brand has accompanied us in these 15 years. We started as maintenance technicians, responding to the market demand, and this we highlighted in our pay-off.
In recent years, our company has expanded and we have also become producers of vacuum dryers, vacuum systems and Ice Water that create cold water with the higest standard.
This is why, since 2019, we have chosen a new company brand: a linear image, clear, clean and keep up with the times. In fact, we are already focusing on the research and design of our systems: energy saving, environmental sustainability, the solidity and durability of the solutions we offer, to continue to respond professionally and flexibly to the needs of our customers and the tanning market.
Mec Man is today a well-rounded, modern and reliable company, to which our customers know they can express their needs, certain that our staff will satisfy them.

MEC MAN ….now is the future